High precision springs


Our pledge to ongoing research and product development, our constant use of modern technology, our commitment to staff training have allowed us over the years to enhance those production skills that have made us one of the top manufacturers of micro-springs, whose ultra-small size is matched by excellent quality and high throughput. We process wires made of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and alloys with a wire diameter starting from 0.08 mm. Our springs feature anti-tangling system, designed and made to fit any type of system for the automatic assembly of pieces . Each batch of springs is thoroughly checked, with particular attention to the cleanliness and smoothness of the pieces, taking care to shape and develop the manufacturing process on the basis of the specific needs of each customer.


Over the years we have developed our know-how in the production of micro-springs for various industrial sectors. We consider micro-springs those items made of carbon steel, stainless steel or brass wire with a diameter ranging between 0.15 and 0.30 millimeters. We build micro-springs with cylindrical, conical or biconical shapes, paying particular attention to the specific needs of the customer. In this respect we take care to adapt the manufacturing process, the cleaning of parts, and the packaging to the type of machinery that the customer uses for the assembly line.

Micro springs
Thrust springs


We manufacture compression springs with wire diameters up to a 3.00 millimeters at the most. Our materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and special alloys designed to meet the specific demands of our many customers. To this end, we carry out a continuous search for new, modern materials, in collaboration with the best suppliers available on the market.


We produce torsion springs of all shapes and sizes made with wires whose diameter ranges between 0.40 and 2.00 mm.

Torsion springs


The manufacturing facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is specialized in the production of copper coils, providing a wide range of products and ensuring a highly flexible output, which is based on a company structure organized for 24/day work according to customer needs. We process round and rectangular sectioned enamelled copper wires, and can manufacture coils with the peeled, mashed and riveted ends. As we cover the entire range of use of electrical equipment manufacturers, we boast some world leaders in this sector among our clients.


Thanks to the most modern technologies we are able to construct wire forms of various shapes and sizes, using materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper.

Wire forms