FG Fabbrica Molle was founded in 1971 in Bellagio, near Como, dedicating itself to the production of springs, microsprings and shaped articles for all applications.
Considering the needs of the market, over the years we have increasingly specialized in the production of high precision microsprings, devoting special attention and many resources to microsprings that, along the way, have become the workhorse of a service that covers consumers' needs of springs across the board.
By adhering to the highest quality standards, constantly researching better production solutions and supporing our trusted customers in the study and implementation of their own products, we have come to acquire many customers who are European and world leader in the mechanical, electrical, electronics, automotive and motorcycle manufacturing sectors.


The Bellagio facility features a dynamic and versatile structure, capable of extremely rapid response times to unexpected, large-scale workloads. Here we produce micro-springs and springs in quantities of about 6.5 million pieces a day, using a large machine that features the latest production technology. We work mainly thin wire diameters, up to 0.08 mm.


The Plovdiv (Bulgaria) plant was born from decades of experience at our facility in Rieti, FG South, where from 2001 to 2012 we produced enameled copper coils and torsion springs.
In 2012 we opened a new factory in Plovdiv, expanding the product range and significantly enhancing the machine fleet. Today we are able to produce about 200,000 copper coils and 400,000 torsion springs every day.